Training Solutions

Training Process & Methodology


Training would be a mix of classroom and Hands on sessions, focusing on building core concepts followed by application. For Excel programs the focus is on developing Excel Logic through structured exercises while for the Finance based programs Comprehensive Presentations on core concepts are delivered before real world application. Each program follows a step-by-step approach where level of complexity gradually increases for you to grasp each topic in just the right time!

How Do We Keep Our Courses Up-To-Date

Keeping pace with changes in the industry, software upgrades and training requirements is a constant challenge. We deal with this by always being on student mode ourselves, that is to say, constantly evolving and learning. We are always on the lookout for new techniques through regular discussions with industry experts, recruiters and by delving into literature by popular academicians. A lot of effort goes into making sure that our course content is regularly upgraded!

Customised Training Solutions

  • Basic/Advanced/Expert level Microsoft Excel Training Using VBA
  • Comprehensive Financial Modeling and Equity Valuation
  • Finance for Non Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Derivatives : Pricing & Risk
  • MS-office Pack

About Our Course

Our made-to-order courses offer the following benefits

  • Customised content
  • Customized training process
  • Convenient date & duration
  • Cost saving plan
  • Confidentiality

You should choose in-house training if you have large numbers of staff to train or if you need a hybrid training programme incorporating elements from of one or more of our courses.

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